All Natural Hand Crafted in NZ Packed with Protein Prime NZ Grass Fed Beef Low Sugar No Nitrates or MSG

Bootleg Jerky was born from the spirit of rebellion.

A fateful trip to the heart of the USA led our founders to the discovery of a thriving craft Jerky and meat snack scene, where ancient, artisanal methods met boundless innovation and an exciting world of flavour.

But back in the land of the long white cloud, jerky was leaving a bad taste in our mouths. The sugar-laden, artificially flavoured options on shelves just weren’t cutting it, and quality jerky was near impossible to come by. Kiwis like us were hungry for an accessible, premium jerky that was a cut above the rest, so we set out to make it.

From a small garage, we honed the lost art of jerky making as it should be. Small-batch, honest ingredients, and no BS. At Bootleg, artificial additives, preservatives, nitrates, and MSG have all been kicked to the curb. Every piece starts its journey as a slab of prime, grass-fed NZ beef, before being trimmed down, soaked in mouthwatering natural marinade, then enriched with our simple, key ingredient: time.

Each succulent slab spends two days luxuriating in exotic spices and sauces, before a slow, 12-hour drying process removes moisture, trapping in the irresistible flavour that’s made Bootleg the talk of the town. From there, it’s cut into bite-sized pieces, packed, then smuggled to stockists and jerky lovers in the know.

Serious snackers, gym junkies, taste connoisseurs, it’s time to join the rebellion. Get it before it's outlawed.